Friday, July 27, 2012

Good morning Venice! Is it better to be sweating and get some sleep, or have the AC blasting and not sleep? It was difficult to sleep because the AC was so loud. It sounded like it was growling at me. At 4:30am I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Jen also talked to me in her sleep! She asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the ceiling. I also started freaking out because I am hypoglycemic. I feared that my blood sugar would drop in the middle of the night and I had nothing to get it back up. With having anxiety, you start to get into panic mode. That’s exactly what I did to myself, and its so silly! Thank god for the 6 hour time difference though. I was able to iMessage my mom so she can calm me down. Eventually I got myself back to sleep but I turned the AC off because it was just too loud. After getting ready for the day we went to a water bus station and bought a ticket to the island of Murano. Murano is known to have the best glass. It was such a beautiful day to walk around murano. We got to see a few places that they were demonstrating glass blowing. One place the man was making mini rabbits and another place the guy was making larger cats. It was so cool to see something like this right in front of me! Only in Venice! I found a really beautiful ring that was made all from glass for €15. It is a cream colored rose with a clear band. I love it! My little sister is obsessed with pigs (don’t ask why!) but, I was trying to find a cool glass pig for her to add to her pig collection. She is going to Clemson University in the fall as a freshman, so I got her an orange pig with pink polka dots. Jen and I also ate lunch outside with a beautiful view of the grand canal. We split 2 pizzas; one had cheese, sauce, artichokes and prochiutto, the other one had chunks of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. They were delicious, we finished them both! After finishing lunch we walked around Murano a little bit more. Definitely a place that you can go for a half a day. After returning to San Marco, we walked around and found a bunch of shops. They all have the same thing for the most part. We then went back to the hotel and took a quick nap. We then walked along the grand canal to find a place to eat dinner. I wanted spaghetti carbonara. That is a pasta dish with bacon, eggs, and ham.. I find it delicious. So we found a place that we could sit outside and eat dinner. We split fried calamari (which I was also craving), I got spaghetti carbonara and Jen got tortellini.. And of course we split a bottle of wine! For dessert, we split a banana split that was delicious as well. In Italy, tipping isn’t customary like it is in the states. At places that are known to have a lot of tourists they usually have a coperto which is a cover charge or they have a service charge of 12%. This place only charged €2.50 per person for the coperto which was good. However, the waiter thought that he can take advantage of 2 young American girls. We used a credit card to pay for dinner and it was already €71 for the 2 of us. He asked if we wanted to put the service charge on the card or leave it on the table, so we said we would leave it on the table. We werent going to leave extra euro for a service charge when nobody does it in Italy and we already paid the cover charge. Especially because the service wasn’t that great either! We had multiple people wait on us, so it wasn’t even like 1 person helped us. We also had to ask for the check multiple times and nobody ever asked how anything was. So, when we got up to leave, he came over and gave us such an attitude and was so rude. I brought a diet coke that I drank before dinner and he made me take it with me because we didn’t tip him extra. So rude! After dinner we walked around and shopped a little bit. Then it was time to sleep and rest up for tomorrow… 

Hello Venice

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nothing like getting lost in Venice! What a beautiful city to get lost in. Me and Jen left the hofstra Romans and decided to go to Venice for a long weekend. What a great choice because it was such a beautiful city. We took the fast train to Venice because it would have taken approximately 11 hours for us to get to Venice if we took the slow train. This way we got to Venice in about four hours, so much faster! After arriving at the train station, we took a water bus to get to San Marco. San Marco is the most popular place to stay while visiting Venice. Literally the only way to get to places in Venice is by water transportation. The water bus stops at multiple docks along the way so it took us about an hour to get to the port of San Marco. The water bus going one way is €7. After getting off in San Marco, we started to look for the hotel, Hotel Ai Do Mori. We got lost for about 35 minutes, oops. It is so easy to get lost there because the “streets” are so tiny. There are also little bridges that you have to cross over to get over the grand canal. So, after 35 minutes, we found the hotel. We asked about 3 people where a certain street was and was told 3 different ways of how to get there. Along the way we spotted the famous gondolas. How cool is that? After getting to our hotel we still weren’t there. We ended up staying in a different building than where we checked in. It was more of an apartment that needed 3 different keys to get into. We even needed a key to turn on the lights. By the time we got settled into the place, it was time to look for a place to eat dinner. It made sense for us to eat close to the hotel because we were tired from a long day. We split caprese, pasta with pesto and gnocchi 4 formaggio… And of course a bottle of pinot grigio. It was all so delicious. We walked around a little bit after dinner, but went to bed early. Who knew going to sleep wouldn’t be a good nights sleep… 


SCO in Rome “movie trailer”

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Kayla, Jen and I went to Florence together this weekend. It was really so much fun. Florence is definitely my favorite place we have gone so far! The city was so lively and beautiful, especially at night. On the way there we had to take a train which was about three and a half hours long. There are two platforms that aren’t located with the others. Of course our platform was one of those! We were supposed to be on platform 2 es, but we were standing on platform 2 because we thought they were the same! A very nice man noticed we were confused so he told us to run to the other platform if we wanted to make the train! So, we ran all the way to the right platform and luckily made the train. So, although we had a rough start we made the train.. That’s all that matters right? When we got to the hotel we had a little encounter with the elevator. This elevator was so old and not like any other elevator I have seen before. I hate elevators! So, once it didn’t take us to the right floor we got out and walked up the stairs. Our room had 3 twin beds which was perfect. The first dinner was on the river. I finally got chicken! It is very hard to get protein here because of all of the pasta. The chicken was amazing, along with a glass of white wine! The next day was a long and wonderful day of shopping! I spent so much money… Oops. But, I made smart purchases. We went to the leather school which was really cool. I spent 110€ there. I then spent more euro on clothes in the street which I can’t wait to wear. Dinner after shopping was very expensive, but worth it. I got gnocchi with muscles, yum! I also had an espresso martini (10€) after dinner which was delicious. I was so sad that it was my last night in Florence, but I loved it!!

SCO in Rome


The coliseum was fantastic. I have never seen anything like it. Although parts of the coliseum aren’t there anymore, you can still tell what it was like many years ago. The marble that they used is magnificent. The way that they constructed the buildings with the thin bricks and cement amazes me as well. The cement used in modern day is different than what they used because there are pieces of rock in in the cement back then. Since there wasn’t a way to make cement in a factory or with machines, there was no way to get those pieces of rock out of the cement. So, if you go to the coliseum in present day, you will be able to tell what was restored and what is original. We also saw what was once below the center of the coliseum. The floor that the games were played in collapsed. I took a second to think of what it would be like to walk through these entrances and see the fights that went on back then. It makes me so sad to know that so many animals were hurt and killed during the games. Poor animals! We also saw where the emperor would sit to watch the games which was cool. There were also drainage systems put into the coliseum that are still working today - wow! That’s amazing. Archaeologists found seeds from certain foods and fruits that people ate during that time. I can’t believe that either. They found the actual seeds of fruit that was eaten so many years ago. And then we were onto the forum…

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The ruins of Pompeii were something that everyone should see in their lifetime. It is amazing that anything is still there! After the volcano erupted I would have thought nothing would be left. But, that is not the case. It is amazing to see the plumbing that they constructed is still there. Along with drainage systems, mosaic tiles, artwork on the walls, floors, etc. I can’t believe that they had such extensive works of art during that time. It just amazes me that they were able to construct these things without having any industrial products. Even though it was hot and dusty, I still enjoyed myself while touring around Pompeii!


The birth of pizza! Naples was our last stop for the trip to the Amalfi Coast and it was a good way to end the trip. I was so exhausted from the whole weekend, but I definitely wanted to stop in Naples to try the pizza. We got to walk through a castle that was used for war right on the water. The history here in Italy is amazing. The fact that the castle is still there blows my mind. We each got an individual pie of margarita pizza. DELICIOUS. It was made with fresh mozzerella and tomato! In Naples you eat pizza with a fork and knife from the inside out. It was so amazing and we all finished each pizza!

Sunset in Sorrento

Sunset in Sorrento